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text says May 22 2024 How product managers can better leverage UX

May 22 @ 6:30 pm 7:30 pm CDT

Join us for an panel discussion focusing on the symbiotic relationship between product managers and user experience teams. Today, most PM’s understand the value of UX, but in many organizations, they treat UX as implementers when UX can be so much more.

In fact, the strategic collaboration between Product Managers and UX experts is crucial for delivering exceptional user-centric products.

During this enriching session, our panel of industry veterans will explore effective strategies, challenges, and best practices for product managers to maximize the potential of their collaboration with UX professionals. From aligning goals to bringing UX into the process much earlier, attendees will gain valuable insights into optimizing this essential partnership to drive product success.

Key discussion points will include:

  • The evolving role of product managers in championing UX within the product development lifecycle.
  • Techniques for fostering seamless collaboration and communication between product managers and UX.
  • Leveraging UX expertise to inform and guide early product decisions and enhance user satisfaction.
  • Overcoming common barriers and misconceptions that hinder effective strategic collaboration between product managers and UX teams.
  • Real-world examples and case studies highlighting successful partnerships between product managers and UX.

Whether you’re a seasoned product manager seeking to refine your collaboration skills or a UX professional aiming to strengthen your partnership with product management, this panel discussion offers valuable insights and actionable strategies.

Don’t miss this opportunity to gain a deeper understanding of how product managers can harness the expertise of UX professionals to create impactful, user-centered products.


Tulsi Patel

Tulsi headshot

Tulsi is a product management and UX leader with over 13 years of experience focusing on enterprise B2B SaaS and on-premise software. She led teams of UX designers and researchers to identify user needs, build empathy for users and design intuitive experiences. She shifted into product management to learn how to make better informed product decisions that solve user problems and balance user needs and with business goals. Previously she was a Senior Product Manager at SolarWinds and Riverbed and is currently looking for her next PM role.

Katie Cole

katie headshot

Katie Cole is a Product Strategist who works with organizations to create products and services that will delight their end users. Katie has spent over a dozen years helping high-tech companies in various industries connect with the exact markets they seek to serve and build solutions to the problems they have. She draws on her diverse work and volunteer experience in marketing, UX, and product.