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Networking for Gold

How your network can help you get noticed and get hired: Are you sending out resume after resume but have not gotten any responses? Are you stuck in a dead-end job and don’t know how to get the job you long for? A robust network can help you build meaningful connections, leading to hidden job…

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Auto Layout in Figma

Learning a new tool such as auto-layout can be confusing or challenging for many designers, but Figma offers some extremely powerful and useful mechanics that can drastically improve your designs. In this session, our Figma expert, Nathan Flores, walked through auto-layout and its ability to provide consistency, flexibility, and a guideline for future work.Topics:

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Design Skills Framework: Skills to advance your career and build wholesome teams

Developing both the depth and breadth of your skills is essential to becoming an effective collaborator and influential designer. Do you want to learn how identifying individual skill clusters could not only advance your career but also promote effective teams? Andreina Dyer led this workshop with golden nuggets of information on how individuals, managers, and…