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How to Get Hired as a Conversation Designer

Session replay:

Conversational Design is the fastest growing UX need in the market today, and there aren’t enough Conversation Designers to cover the needs. This makes this skillset one of the strongest designers can currently possess, as it is an applicant’s market.

In this session, attendees

  • became acquainted with and practice the skills employers are looking for in Conversation Designers, including: tuning, AI training, designing conversational flows, and Natural Language Understanding (NLU)
  • developed an understanding of what AI platforms are, which ones are currently the standards, and how to apply them to the design flow
  • learned the Conversational Design prototyping software available for use, and begin exploring their application in creating a prototype
  • Learned the businesses that are hiring for Conversation Design, and how to create a portfolio that demonstrates the skills they need

Download the presentation you missed on Google Drive.


– The core technology of conversational interfaces
– How to take data, enter it into NLU engines, and apply it to a Conversational Interface
– How to design conversational flows
– Understand natural language understanding (NLU)
– Become acquainted with current Conversational prototyping tools
– An overview of industries who are currently hiring Conversational Designers and why

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